Monday, October 31, 2011


Happy Halloween people :) !!

 I'm just staying in for tonight but we celebrated Halloween on Saturday and spent quite a time preparing for the evening! First of all we had to find costumes. It was a bit of a struggle for me, but then I was looking at youtube tutorial how to make Edward Scissorhands makeup on Hildur and saw this tutorial on the right how to do a Jigsaw Billy makeup. The best part was that I only had to buy the bow and the shirt ( primark ) = 8$ and latex to make the cheeks !

I’m actually not a big fan of horror movies ( I actually die if I watch one ) so I haven’t seen the movie Saw – but apparently I was scaring the “#$%& out of some people J 

Here some photos that Hildur took on her phone ! waaw

 Me as Jigsaw Billy
 Snæfríður as Beetlejuice
 Hildur as Edward Scissorhands
 Tara as Scary Snow White
 Haffi as Scary Pop Star

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Sunday, October 30, 2011


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't let me leave !

Here are some stills from a teaser of the movie Don't Let me Leave!! I did a little bit of makeup and styling along with taking stills from the set :) ! - Can't wait to see the final outcome!

Writers/Producers/Directors: Annelies Bekes og Helga Ernudóttir
Director of Photography: Craig Birt
Assistant Director: Hannah Rowland
2nd DP: Isabelle Sieb
Production Management: Sarah Donald & Hillary Pierce

Don't Let Me Leave is a psychological thriller with romantic elements that is set in Iceland. A girl is kidnapped by a young disturbed farmer and they end up falling in love. However, she has yet to discover how disturbed her captor really is.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A litle bit of London life

Woow it's been way to long since the last blog. The school is amazing and I am loving every second of it! For now I am just doing a lot of research for my projects so I haven't been shooting that much, but now I am going carry my camera around my neck all day because we have a street style project coming up ! Here are some shots I have taken the last days only for fun :) !

A super rooooker from Camden - Street style research. - and he was so sweet !

Light testing in school ! - Kirstie the

Light testing in school ! - Antonio

Light testing in school ! - Antonio and some moron ;) !

Walking to the busstation in the morning !! sooo beautifull !

Walking to the busstation in the morning !! sooo beautifull !

 Walking to the busstation in the morning !! sooo beautifull !

And I can even buy coffe on the way !! :)

Urban Outfitters - some day I will have all of them !!

Just a really small sample of the school library -This is just a really small part of all the fashion photography books !! - LOOOVE !

Party time = Researching !:)

Party time = Researching !:)

And the beautifull Brazilian Antonio ! - light testing for school :)

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