Thursday, January 26, 2012

When did this become hotter than this?

Hi all :)

As body size and shape have been discussed a lot online for the last moths I felt the need to share this with you.

I've seen lots of people posting this photo on facebook and twitter. This week I was reading an article called "Feminism and Fashion"  from Appearance & Identity: Fashioning the Body in Postmodernity by L. Negrin I found something really interesting. As known over the last centuries feminists have been arguing the way women are suppose to dress to satisfy others, shaping their body with underwear such as corsets, bras and underskirts. When the fashion changed and women were allowed to dress as "they" desired, paralleled to the increasingly pressure to look good from the fashion and cosmetics industry this is what happened :

Feminists such as Orbach, Chernin, Baker and Coward also drew attention to the new pressures brought to bear on women by the advert of body-shaping techniques such as plastic surgery, diet, and exercise. While female dress became less restrictive, this did not indicate that it had become more liberate since there were now more effective ways of molding the body in accordance with the ideas of feminine beauty. These new techniques for fashioning the female body operated in an insidious way. For though women were now encouraged to participate in exercise and to eat wisely ostensibly to improve their health and fitness, the real reason d´etre for these activities was to attain the body shape deemed desirable by patriarchal society - a body shape which was becoming increasingly thinner. This new ideal, as Coward pointed out was really that the prepubescent female. What made such a figure attractive was that it symbolized a sexuality that was not yet aware of itself. The adolescent girl was someone who possessed erotic allure without, however, being in command of her sexual desires. The desirability of this ideal was reinforced by the use of young adolescent girls as fashion models, made up to look as thought they were adults. (L. Negrin, p 37,  2008)

As you can see on the photo above Marilyn, Elizabeth and Shirley are all wearing bathing suits that shape their bodies while the other women are wearing small bikinis, so obviously the pressure to shape the body to be what "feminine" is today, is a lot more.
Personally I think all of the women above are really attractive because they all share one thing: confidence! 
so is it really the body size and shape that matters the most ?

I hope you enjoyed reading this, as I think this is really interesting. 
( and I think I just found my essay topic ! )

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The new bags

Ten days ago I said I was going to be blogging more about fashion and stuff I love so this will be the first post of those kinds ! Now I just have to change my blog up to categories so you can jump right to the topic you like to look at. :)
Yesterday I almost spent the whole day on Ebay ! It was one of those days that I was going to do soooo much but didn't really do anything. 
I have been looking for a beautiful bag for such a long time - for a reasonable price and a bag that I wouldn't see on every single corner and in the end I found these two bags that I fell absolutely in love with! For the last few moths I have been carrying the ugliest handbags ever seen so I allowed myself to buy both of them! :) Although they are faux leather I think they are a really good buy as I got both of them for 58 pounds combined and I hopefully don't have to be worried about everyone having the same bag.
Now I just have to wait and hope that they are as gorgeous as they look on the photos :) !

This one you can use in two different ways - as you can see on the photos above !

I just love those colours !

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yesterday !

Here are some photos from yesterday !! :) such a good day ! :) 

Learning how to iron ! Kirstie - Chloe - Charlot -

Trying to win the ironing "competition"

Me and Chloe

Sitting in a circle sewing buttons on a piece of fabric

Learning how to put on  latex clothing - in case we want to use them in styling ! - Here is our teacher putting latex lubricant on Chloe's hand !

Alex and Charlot trying to get me in one of those gloves ! 


Shine spray

Pamela the brave one who tried on the pink latex stockings !

This styling term is turning out to be a surprisingly good !

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hi my lovers

Since I will be studying styling this term I have decided to make my blog a little more diverse for now, and will be starting to blog a about pictures of things that I like, outfits I love, makeup, fashion, street style and if I manage to put down a decent outfit for the day I might ask someone to take my picture so I can post it here :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Playing dressup ! - + Happy new year :)

Happy new year to all :)

Thank you so much for everything, friends family, people I have worked with, people that have helped me so much and all of you that take your time  too look at my work :) I know 2012 will be good. I am only just starting and I have so much to learn and I just cannot wait ! :)

Here are the photos from Playing dress up :)

Photography: Íris Björk
Model: Lív Elísabet Friðriksdóttir @Elite
Makeup: Gunnhildur Birna Gunnarsdóttir
Styling: Íris Björk and Diljá Hilmarsdóttir
Clothes: Spúútnik Fatamarkaður