Saturday, January 21, 2012

The new bags

Ten days ago I said I was going to be blogging more about fashion and stuff I love so this will be the first post of those kinds ! Now I just have to change my blog up to categories so you can jump right to the topic you like to look at. :)
Yesterday I almost spent the whole day on Ebay ! It was one of those days that I was going to do soooo much but didn't really do anything. 
I have been looking for a beautiful bag for such a long time - for a reasonable price and a bag that I wouldn't see on every single corner and in the end I found these two bags that I fell absolutely in love with! For the last few moths I have been carrying the ugliest handbags ever seen so I allowed myself to buy both of them! :) Although they are faux leather I think they are a really good buy as I got both of them for 58 pounds combined and I hopefully don't have to be worried about everyone having the same bag.
Now I just have to wait and hope that they are as gorgeous as they look on the photos :) !

This one you can use in two different ways - as you can see on the photos above !

I just love those colours !

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