Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY Chokers

 I was making those chokers yesterday for my styling project and I wanted to share them with you  They are very easily made and cheap! :)

Nr 1
You need:
Silver plated curb chain eBay
Silver crosses - eBay
Silver neckalce clap
 Pliers ( or I just used my hands and teeth :) )

Measure the chain around the neck for the right fit.
Secure the claps on.
Find the middle of the chain and secured the first cross on.
Secure the other crosses with 5 "holes" in between.

Nr 2
 You need:
Leather Lace
1 Cross from the other pack eBay
Silver necklace clap
A needle ( the thread is not necessary )

Measure the lace around the neck for the right fit.
Make holes for the chain and the claps with the needle.
Secure a short chain and the clap on.
Make hole in the middle of the lace and secure one little chain with the cross on.

 I really hope you understood what I was trying to describe ! (and please correct me if I am doing it terribly wrong :) !


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  2. Thank you ! :) love your blog as well and definitely following you back :)