Saturday, February 25, 2012

DIY Pentacle top

Hi all:) !
I did a few customizations for my styling project this term and this Pentacle top is one of them:)

You need:
White T-shirt
Leatherette lace
Needle and a thread
Cutting board
Coloured pencil

Start of by cutting of the sleeves and enlarge the neckline.

Cut out about 25-30 cm each side of the leatherette and place it on the cutting board.

Turn it upside down and use 2 different sized round shaped objects to line out a perfect circles. ( I used two different sized plates )

Use a ruler to line out the pentagram inside the circle. ( if you do it wrong the first time like I did - just do it again with another colour ) it doesn't have to be perfect !

Cut it out with a sharp knife.

 Glue the pentacle on the top. I just used some glue I found at home :)
To top it up you sew the leather lace into the shoulders to make an x around the body :)

And voila :)
I will upload the pictures soon :) !

Íris Björk

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