Saturday, February 4, 2012

MA Exhibition

Hi my lovers :)
Yesterday I went with my classmate the sweet Charlotte at the London College of Fashion MA Exhibition and it was so amazing! There are so many unbelievably creative and talented people in this school and I am so inspired by them! Here are some photos I took from the exhibition.

 These outfits are by Shara Haze - an MA Digital Fashion designer who I will be working with in this month :) She is super talented and really nice and I am really looking to working with her on my styling project :D

These are by Roisin McAtamney  MA Digital Fashion( you can she her on the picture ) You can scan the codes on the dress with your phone and you will see videos she has made - So cool !

This is by MA Fashion Photographer Emitis Soltan. This wall has pictures of many different women dressed in the same dress, sitting in the same chair, everything is the same but the model is different. So amazing it makes your eyes mad!

These shoes are by Ross Barber MA Fashion Footwear !! LOVE !

These super cool shoes are by Laura Gostling MA Fashion Footwear. ! super creative !

By Elin Melin MA Fashion Footwear.

By Michelle Zhou MA Fashion Footwear - so amazing !! 

By Ruth Holland MA Fashion Artefact

By Cherry Yuen MA Fashion Footwear

Amazing silver artwork by Daisy Jie Feng MA Fashion Artefact ! I think this is so unbelievable beautiful !

 I was really impressed by these!! By Ana Rajcevic !! So amazing!

Charlotte listening to beautiful music while looking at Alejandro Cavallo's  
MA Fashion Photography work ! He took the main elements of the planets and made a fashion shoot out of it and while you look at every single image you listen to a different song. 

The most amazing bussiness card I have ever seen ! this is a gold nipple ! 

And this is his collection on bags that you can change in to garments ! sooo amazing and I love the wig bag at the bottom !! By Taeseok Kang MA Fashion Artefact. 

I really enjoyed this exhibition and I hope I get to work with these amazing talents in the future !! :) 

Íris Björk :D

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