Saturday, July 28, 2012

D.I.Y Paper Pinhole Camera ♥

I recently bought this D.I.Y paper pinhole camera in Urban Outfitters and I spent most of yesterday's afternoon putting it together. It comes with everything and all you have to do is buy glue and a 35mm film.  
It would probably be easier to put it together if the instructions didn't look like they were made threw Goggle translate, but in the end I managed to glue it all together :) ( and my fingers as well ). 

Isn't it the prettiest little thing ? 

 You can get it HERE for 12 pounds in Urban Outfitters :) !


  1. i'm really tempted to get one of these, i'd love to see how the pictures come out!


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    XO, Carmen

  3. This is so cute, can't wait to see how the images turn out!