Friday, September 28, 2012

London tomorrow !

 Iceland has been really nice, home is always the best ♥ but now it is time to back to London tomorrow. I really should be packing right now but somehow I just want to enjoy relaxing for the last time in a while - London will be busy :) !! 

Here are some photos from Iceland

My new vintage sheep fur from Spuutnik

 From a shoot with Harpa MUA, Eydís @ Elite and Hanna stylist !

And I helped out at UNICEF Iceland by photographing Mosi and more for them in this tiny DIY studio :) ! 
Wherever you are from I recommend you look into their work and become a  Global Parent !
 I have been a Global Parent for 5 years now -  it is unbelievable how much is possible to do for as little as 5 pounds a month !

( Ég hvet alla til þess að kíkja inn á UNICEF til þess að sjá hvar er hægt að kaupa Mosa litla sæta - já og gerast heimsforeldrar :) ) !

x íris


  1. I love your blog! What do you think about following each other?

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  2. The sheep coat is gorgeous!

    would love if you could check out my blog and we could maybe follow each other?