Sunday, April 14, 2013

Last days *

*Sorry for the lack of posts over the last days. I haven't had any internet for a few days now and like you can imagine I am loosing my mind.*

The last days have been so much fun. It was my birthday last Tuesday :) and I spent the day shooting for Fiasco magazine and the night with my friends that were visiting London. 
Today I was shooting street style for a new book - but more on that tomorrow **

Thank you again everyone for your nice birthday wishes ♥ 

Also check my new interview with De Avenue :)

From my birthday shooting for Fiasco magazine :) - 
Sweater: Vintage, Top: Urban Outfitters, Trousers: Vintage

 Being a tourist in London by the "blue door" in Notting Hill. 
Hat: Topshop, Scarf: Urban Outfitters, Leather Jacket: Vintage, Leopard shirt: Vintage kilo market, Trousers:Vintage, Shoes: Nike Air force.

x iris

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