Friday, August 9, 2013

Inspiration and excuses *

 I am going to have to apologize to you for my lack of blogging, instagramming and more the last month. Very luckily I have been very busy shooting, editing, having go sees and meeting exciting people. A few other reasons are that my iphone camera broke down and I haven't been able to share little details of my every day life with you until now. 
At last he sun has ruined all my fashion sense and style and shorts and tops are the only thing I want to wear in this heat - and although that looks very fashionable on some people I am definitely not the one to pull the summer outfit well enough to share it with you;) - but I am back now, full of energy, ready to blog a lot more, share with you some details of my life as well as my images:) !

Here is some random inspiration I have saved on my computer the last days*
Note these are not my images  ( although I kind of wish they were - so beautiful ) and I am posting them as inspiration -  Unfortunately I do not know all of the artists name - so please be kind and comment if you recognize these images as I would love to look at more work from those photographers.

1 Unknown artist 2 Sam Nixon 3 Unknown artist 4 Masha Mel, 5-7 Unknown artist. 8-9 - Nico Krijno

( please comment if you know the artist and I will add it in )

have a great weekend

x iris björk

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