Monday, October 7, 2013

MAN magasín - new editorial

 New editorial out in Icelandic MAN magasín :)
We had so much fun shooting this one, home in Iceland by the Blue Lagoon. The weather was as interesting as always but for most of the time the sky was amazingly blue and the nature so colourful *

Photography, makeup and hair: Íris Björk
Styling: Hanna Soffía Skeggjadóttir Þormar
Módel: Hrefna Sif Gunnarsdóttir

 Shirt and trousers: Kalda/Einvera, Tie: Spúútnik, Vest: Stylist own, Shoes: Nostalgía

 Jacket: Stylist own, Corset: Spúútnik, Trousers: Nostalgía, Shoes: Nostalgía

 Jumper and trousers: Nostalgía

Shirt: Kalda/Einvera, Trousers: Nostalgía

 T-shirt and trousers, Aftur, Vest: Nostalgía, Boots: Spúútnik, Necklace: Spúútnik

 Vest: Stylist own, Top, Spúútnik, Trousers: Nostalgía, Shoes: DR. Martens/Spúútnik

Shirt: Stylist own, Trousers: Nostalgía, Ring: Spúútnik, Necklace: Spúútnik

Hat: Spúútnik, Necklace: Hildur Yeoman / Kiosk, Dress: Helicopter / Kiosk, Trousers: Nostalgía, Shoes: Spúútnik

x iris

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