Monday, December 16, 2013

Big instagram and life update *

Since I have blogged very little over the last month here is a big update from my life :)
Most of the images are from my instagram as well as some special extras **

Here is a picture of the very unglamourous site of photography - carrying lots of stuff around ! 
Renting out some lights from my university and carrying them home. I think this box is about 15 kilos with no wheals and a metal handle, I had blisters on my hands by the time I got home ! oh well

Margret doing Beata's makeup from behind the scenes for my Christmas shoot for MAN magasín

 One of my hidden talents, wait until you see what I can do with my nose !

Right after handing in the first part of my final major project for uni. I already got the result and I am very happy with it !

I had a photography workshop with Walter Hugo which was quite amazing. He changes the whole darkroom into a camera and sticks a lens out of the room. We shot images on glass plates and developed them right away. I obviously squeezed in as a test model for Walter Hugo himself and got myself a copy of an image by him (on the right ) :) ! the one on the left is by Adam Csoka Keller

 I also had a styling workshop where I got to try this amazing Anna Piaggy mask made by John William !

The best thing about this month was that I finally bought a camera I have been dreaming about for almost 2 years :) !! SO HAPPY :):):):):)

And I got the change to shoot 3 editorials with it right away for the second issue of The Mark Mag :) ! this is a behind the scene shot from a very busy weekend shooting ! I stood on top of so many things that weekend that I got strings in my legs afterwards

And another one of me standing on top of things :) ! Marina on the left, Margrét in the middle and Julia sitting there instagramming !

These are all the films I used over a very busy weekend with my new camera ! Hand developing them in the darkroom really tested my inner strenght as frankly I am very afraid off the dark, somehow I always get through it though. Scanning all the images took 2 loooong days - soo much work but so worth it ! Can't wait to show you the images

After all the hard work me and Hilmar ( my boyfriend ) went to Sweden over the weend to visit my brother and his family. Here we are in Jule Liseberg and as you can see I have a big crush on him :)

Here are Elísa and Benni ( my brothers kids ) after a very cute Santa Lucia performance in their kinder garden :) it was a very cute weekend !

When I got back to London I decided to cut my hair again ! :) quite happy with the result

And finally I spent my Saturday night baking 3 different sorts of Christmas cookies for Hilmar, my flatmates and myself. I feel so grown up, although I still eat way too much of the dough :)!

The last month has seriously been a bit crazy, soo much work but also so much fun and the best part is that tomorrow I am going home to Iceland for my Christmas break :) I CAN'T WAIT !!! :):):)

xx Íris Björk