Thursday, January 30, 2014

Can you spot, what is digital and what is not ? Kelsey on 3 cameras

 Last week I did a shoot  to test out some lighting, cameras and film. I shot with 3 different cameras at my home studio with a very good team of people. I had planned to only use images from one of the cameras, but in the end I liked the fact the the images were so different that I decided to play with it. So here we have Kelxey Owens @ Next in 3 cameras, colour and black and white. 

Can you spot 
what is digital and what is not ?

Photos Iris Bjork
Styling Dasom Kim
Makeup and hair Margret Magnus
Model Kelsey Owens @ Next

 x iris bjork

Saturday, January 25, 2014

What a day !

Although the time is half past 1, I have had quite the day already !

On my way to the library a man accidentally slapped my Oyster card out of my hand and it went under the train! The platform guard held out his hand, stopped the train in the middle of the platform to jump down on the platform and get my card. It was quite dramatic and embarrassing when he gave me the card in front of everyone waiting on the platform. But what a man !

Of course a serious of quite unfortunate things have happened after that, (sjaldan er ein báran stök) but I am just putting on my Pollyanna attitude, nothing will bring me down :)!

Now it is time to do some reading

And here a bit of Saturday inspiration

1. unknown from Tumblr, 2. unknown from Tumblr, 3. unknown from Tumblr 4. by Nicole Maria Winkler
These are not my images, please comment if you know the artist and I will add it in. xx

x iris bjork

Friday, January 24, 2014

Preview and behind the scenes with Kelsey @ Next

Preview of my shoot with Kelsey @ Next and a behind the scenes instagram video :), working on the images as we speak xx
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x iris

Monday, January 20, 2014


Right now I am organizing my negatives from last year, I can't believe how many rolls of film I went through ! The plan is of course to shoot even more this year :)
Tomorrow I will be testing some new film technique I have been researching. Can't wait to see how it goes, and of course show you !

x iris

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sara Hayz for Fiasco Magazine

Hello everyone
Here is a designer feature I shot for Fiasco Magazine of Shara HAYZ design a few months ago and I only just realized that I have not published them here on my blog before !
 Better late than never right ;)

Photography Íris Björk
Styling Victoria Barban
Makeup Ísak Freyr
Model: Ruby @ D1
Assistants Michael Mastomic and Hildur Mist

x iris

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Right now

This is what I am doing right now - filling in my diary for 2014 :) it will be a busy year.
I have been very lucky to have some press about my new video Hypnotized, please have a look at my interview with Bast magazine ** :) !!!

 x iris bjork

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back in London **

I am back in London ! Although my time in Iceland has been great, I am so glad to be back in London !
Lots of work ahead, 2014 will be good  !
I have started taking bookings, please contact me via xx

Here are 2 pictures I took with my phone out of the window of my car while driving yesterday, the light was so amazing, just imagine how it is real life if these are "movingcarphoneimages" !!!
The first image is shot around 11 in the morning when the sun was rising, the sky was blue, and Esjan (the mountain) and the clouds weres pink and fiery golden. And the second image is shot around 3:30 when the sun was going down, misterious dark blue and golden sky.
I am going to miss this beautiful light so much !

x iris

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hypnotized - My First Fashion Film

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you for everything in the last year ! ( you can see my highlights in the previous blog :) )

And secondly, to celebrate the new year I am finally going to show you my first ever directed, shot and edited short fashion film called Hypnotized :)

It was very challenging for me to shoot this video and edit it myself as before I began I didn't know much about creating a video. It took me quite a long time to get it together the way I wanted it to be and I learned so much from it that I have actually created a couple videos after this one. But as this video has a special place in my heart I wanted to wait for the perfect time to release it. Now that time has arrived, when it is dark, wintery and mysterious outside.

I had a great team with me. The video features the gorgeous Eydis Evensen @ Elite models and Hjalti Friðriksson, it is choreographed by the super talented Rósa Rún, styled with clothes from Spuutnik by the fabulous Hanna Soffía Þormar and makeup and hair is done by MAC lady Harpa Finns, and finally the music is by the young and talented Rewpart. (  What a team ! ) I also have to thank my parents for their help, they are always so supportive and helpful, I surely am the luckiest girl in the world ! You should have seen my mom glue flowers on Hjalti's face :) ! 

The film is shot in Iceland and is based on an Icelandic myth about the queen of the hidden people and how she seduces men into her stone where they are trapped forever.

 Well now have a look :) I recommend watching it in HD and full screen !
I really hope you like it, please feel free to share it anywhere you want !

Hypnotized by Iris Bjork from Íris Björk Reynsidóttir on Vimeo.

Here are some stills from the video

x iris