Thursday, January 9, 2014

Back in London **

I am back in London ! Although my time in Iceland has been great, I am so glad to be back in London !
Lots of work ahead, 2014 will be good  !
I have started taking bookings, please contact me via xx

Here are 2 pictures I took with my phone out of the window of my car while driving yesterday, the light was so amazing, just imagine how it is real life if these are "movingcarphoneimages" !!!
The first image is shot around 11 in the morning when the sun was rising, the sky was blue, and Esjan (the mountain) and the clouds weres pink and fiery golden. And the second image is shot around 3:30 when the sun was going down, misterious dark blue and golden sky.
I am going to miss this beautiful light so much !

x iris

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