Thursday, January 30, 2014

Can you spot, what is digital and what is not ? Kelsey on 3 cameras

 Last week I did a shoot  to test out some lighting, cameras and film. I shot with 3 different cameras at my home studio with a very good team of people. I had planned to only use images from one of the cameras, but in the end I liked the fact the the images were so different that I decided to play with it. So here we have Kelxey Owens @ Next in 3 cameras, colour and black and white. 

Can you spot 
what is digital and what is not ?

Photos Iris Bjork
Styling Dasom Kim
Makeup and hair Margret Magnus
Model Kelsey Owens @ Next

 x iris bjork

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  1. þessar myndir eru æðislegar! Ég er ástfangin af portrait myndinni með sólgleraugun og í rúllukraga peysunni, well done!