Saturday, January 25, 2014

What a day !

Although the time is half past 1, I have had quite the day already !

On my way to the library a man accidentally slapped my Oyster card out of my hand and it went under the train! The platform guard held out his hand, stopped the train in the middle of the platform to jump down on the platform and get my card. It was quite dramatic and embarrassing when he gave me the card in front of everyone waiting on the platform. But what a man !

Of course a serious of quite unfortunate things have happened after that, (sjaldan er ein báran stök) but I am just putting on my Pollyanna attitude, nothing will bring me down :)!

Now it is time to do some reading

And here a bit of Saturday inspiration

1. unknown from Tumblr, 2. unknown from Tumblr, 3. unknown from Tumblr 4. by Nicole Maria Winkler
These are not my images, please comment if you know the artist and I will add it in. xx

x iris bjork

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