Friday, February 14, 2014

A day in my life in Lífið Newspaper

This morning Lífið newspaper came out with an interview with me about a day in my li

My friend sent me this image of the paper :) 

If you are in Iceland have a look, but for everyone else here is the English version + more images
Tuesday the 4th of February
First of all I have to say that no 2 days in my life are the same. Being a fashion photographer doesn't mean that you have a photoshoot each day as much time is spent in researching and post production, this was one of those days and it was a bit funky to be honest :)

7am - Woke up, got dressed and had breakfast, this time a chia seed pudding with fresh berries and a banana, a glass of water and vitamins.

9am - The week before I was offered a free haircut at Vidal Sassoon, e.g. to be a hair model for a trainee and get a free haircut. I decided to go if she would agree on not changing my hairstyle but just trim it. That was pretty nice :)

11am - I went to the LCF library to study for my dissertation. I took a photo of the University's Vogue collection. There you see Vogue's from 1929, from UK, USA, Japan, France and Italy.

Beautiful editorial from British Vogue 1969

1pm - I met my friend Hera Hilmar and we went to have our auras photographed. For those who don't know what aura is, it is the energy that surrounds each and every person. Everyones aura is different and different colours and shapes have different meaning. I originally went there as a part of my research for my final major project. I think it is important to step out of the box and explore different mediums to be inspired. Whether people believe it is true or not, I don't really care, I really enjoyed the experience and it is going straight to my sketchbook :)

Me and Hera looking happy after our Aura photos

 3pm - Me and Hera had lunch at Pot and read our Aura reports :) 17 pages about the meaning of our Aura and our Chakras. 

A very pixilated image of my Aura. How cool is it though !

 5pm - I went back to uni to scan in some films but unfortunately there were no free scanners this time so instead I went home and worked on some artist portraits I had shot the day before.

20:30 pm - I went for a run. Me and my friend Sandra are running buddies, although she is in Iceland and I am here in London. We use the app Runkeeper to encourage each other and to track our records. I really recommend the app, it really gets you going.
21:30 pm - Late dinner that my boyfriend Hilmar, cooked for me.

23:30 pm - bedtime

Now this lets get London Fashion Week started :) !!!! See you at Somerset House !

x Íris Björk

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