Monday, February 3, 2014

Behind the scenes and throwback images *

 Here is a little update from my life the last week *  I have already posted these on my instagram so if you are not following me there have a look :) - 

If you have an instagram account you might have noticed people tagging #throwback or #tbt and posting old images with the tag. Well I wanted to play that game as well, so here are 2 I've posted over the last weeks.

12 Moons - the first photo I ever created for an exhibition. The theme of the exhibition was masculinity/femininity. Can you tell the gender by their asses ?

And secondly this image of Silja from a test shoot I did 3 years ago. She is wearing a dress I made out of paper and tied around her on the spot. I am pretty sure this photoshoot is the reason why my university sent me to BA in Styling and Photography instead of just BA in Photography. Learning both is good but I will always be photographer not a stylist, I am simply too much of a gadget girl :) -  But I have to say that I am quite proud of that dress :) !

 And finally  backstage images from my newest shoot, a makeup editorial out soon * Can't wait to show you that one ! I will be scanning in some negatives tomorrow :)

And finally on another note I coloured my hair platinum blond last Saturday, tomorrow I have a haircut,  and I am bleaching my eyebrows as well ! 
I am going to be a hair model for Vidal Sassoon  and I can't wait ! 
So expect a "newlook" image tomorrow

ohh yes and if everything goes as planned I am having my Aura photographed as well ! xx 

x iris bjork

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