Thursday, February 20, 2014

LFW images of myself

 I am one of those that never seems to have a proper image of myself. I am much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it and if someone points a camera at my face I have a little bit of a "Chandler syndrome" and my face goes all weird. I am getting better at it but though after I started using Instagram :) !
But because of my camera shyness I am so happy with all these photos that I found of me online, and received in emails from people I met during Fashion Week last Sunday when I, myself went to capture some street style. 
I am working on the images right now, and very soon they will be up here and on Bast magazine blog

From the ones I have seen of me these are my favourites 

Photo by Toni Caroline -

Photos by Adam Goodwin - 

 Thank you for the pictures :) ! 

I also caught a girl called Maddie Williams drawing my picture. Maddie is a fashion design student that was supposed to go to Somerset house to capture trends, but instead of taking pictures of everyone she drew them. I think that is so cool, I wish I could draw a person in a minute !

x iris bjork

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  1. Nice outfit, really wanted to go :(