Monday, February 17, 2014

London Fashion Week - last day's in photos

Last Friday I stopped by at Somerset house for an hour to snap a few streetstyle images, chat with friends - and have a cup of coffee with fellow photographer Kári.

The weather was terrible, pouring rain and windy but I still managed to get a few photos. The images and more information will be up in the next days :)

I also ran into my friend Peggy, it was quite hard to keep up a conversation with her as she is hunted by photographers wanting to photograph her style. The 4th time that someone asked for her photo while we were talking I snapped a photo of her being photographed head to toe while I was standing there on the side :) She is definitely one of a kind so what her here : 

Yesterday was also a pretty great day. I was shooting backstage at Sadie Clayton's first fashion show. The show was great and everything went perfectly, I am so proud of her ! 
The images will be up very soon.

Me and Sadie.

7th of February I also shot her lookbook for the collection. Arize TV was there to film behind the scenes and interview Sadie. The show was on Sky TV last Friday but here you can watch it online :  :) !!!!

Also I have 3 editorials and 2 covers coming out this week that I can't wait to show you :) ! 

x Íris Björk

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