Sunday, February 9, 2014

New look, and backstage with Sadie Clayton

 Hello everyone and a happy Sunday, as promised here is a picture of my new look, shorter blonder hair and yes I bleached my eyebrows as well - why ? because why not :) 
I have tried coloring my eyebrows darker so many times but it just doesn't suit me at all, so I thought I might as well give this a try and I really like it. I recommend that if you feel like being adventures and change something just give it a try ! You can always colour them back on very easily.

Last Friday I shot Sadie Clayton's new lookbook for her A/W 2014 collection, which she will be showing on London Fashion Week.
 Sadie is a very interesting personality, she lives for fashion and puts so much passion into her work. This is Sadie's first collection after graduating from Kingston Uni last year. 
I also shot her graduate collection and to refresh your memory have a look here:  

The new collection is very beautiful and elegant and the quality of the clothes is amazing.  I really recommend that you check out her website  and follow her social media pages for updates.

Here are some images from behind the scenes !

What made the shoot even more interesting is that we had a visit from a TV news channel AriseTV filming behind the scene and interviewing Sadie. So I guess we will be featured on Sky TV next week  :) I will of course update you then. 


Me and Sadie 

And finally on another note, do any other photographers find themselves in all these awkward positions like I do ? 
In every shoot I grab something to stand on but somehow I always end up in an awkward position kneeling on top of it instead of just stepping down.  So much unnecessary effort :) !

I hope you enjoy the rest of your day * I will be here in front of the computer editing images !

x iris bjork

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